Smarter business travel with Resia

Any company aiming to grow needs to travel, since ideas and opportunities sprout in exchange with others. Co-workers might have to spend long hours every month on a train or a plane, or in a hotel room somewhere in the world. And for many business operations, travel consumes a sizable chunk of the bottom line. All the more reason to travel smart!

As your business travel agency, it is our task to find the means for better and smarter travel. We accomplish this in 4 ways:

1. Cut your costs – and travel affordably

We view the big picture of your travel needs, from the planning and booking stages all the way to accounting for travel expenses and settling invoices. By taking the broad view of your business needs, we can help to make your travel cost-effective and ultimately reduce your expenditures.

2. Simplify your business travel – and travel productively

For the seasoned business traveler, who is on the road for many working hours, it is crucial to find comfortable, hassle-free ways to travel. Business trips should be considered as much a matter of workplace health and safety as your office back home. From the business side, travel must not be weighed lightly; every business trip is an investment-–but are you getting the best returns? With our help you will be able to create the optimal conditions under which your co-workers can get the job done, regardless of where on the planet they may be.

3. Reduce your environmental footprint – and travel sustainably

Our third focus as your business travel agency is to help you, our customer, reduce the environmental footprint of your business travel. Traveling climate-smart has many faces and even small improvements can make a huge difference. Sustainable travel is an inescapable aspect of looking ahead to the future. We will show you how you can best contribute.

4. Increase your security – and travel safely

Natural disasters and terrorist attacks are regrettably beyond our control to foresee, but should an incident occur, we will be standing by to assist you. We can locate your coworkers wherever they may be, and aid in their return to Sweden as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Smarter business travel entails cost-effective, smooth, safe and sustainable trips, and each step along the way is a conscious choice. Our customers have crowned us Sweden’s Best Travel Agency no fewer than 8 times-–so we bristle with pride at the thought that we perhaps deserve it, through our ability to always go the extra mile and be that one step ahead.

Are you curious as to how we can make your business travel better? Feel free to contact us at +46 771-91 91 91 or at, and we will let you know.

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For those who book and travel for business

  • Smooth booking
  • Reduced administration
  • Safety during travel

For those who are responsible for corporate travel solutions

  • Overall picture of the company's travel
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Simplified administration

Om du har bokat två enkelbiljetter innebär detta att om den ena flygningen av någon anledning inte genomförs som planerat, avbokas / ändras inte den andra flygningen med automatik, utan du måste själv boka om biljetten.Om biljetten inte är ombokningsbar är det du som står för kostnaden.