How we make life a little easier for the business traveler

Traveling a lot in your work can be both interesting and worthwhile, but many times highly demanding on you. Which is why we want to make your life a little easier.

Worthwhile meetings in exciting destinations and the chance to meet interesting colleagues, clients and partners all over the world. It sounds fantastic indeed, but a business trip also means early morning, long workdays, hours of waiting and too much time away from home and loved ones. Add to that a lot of time that needs to be devoted to planning and booking, collecting receipts and filling out expense accounts.

We make life a little easier for the business traveler, so that you can focus on purpose of your trip. That’s good for both you and your business.

Efficient booking – book your trip by yourself or with our help

Booking travel should be easy, and simple trips or trips you take regularly you can book yourself in our online business booking tool. Available as both website and app, Resia Online allows you to book flights, trains, hotels, transfers and car rentals, and even rebook previously booked travel. Payment and bonus card is stored in the system, making booking quick and easy. Resia Online also stores your company’s travel policy and contract prices, so you will neither break rules nor miss any rebates.

For more complex travel, however, we recommend that you book with one of our travel specialists. They are experienced, and furthermore they have access to more alternatives than are visible online. For example, when we recommend a good hotel close to your client meeting place, or help you book quick transport to the airport, we help make your business trip more efficient. We might even recommend a certain type of ticket that allows you access to a lounge where you can work during your wait.

Regardless of how you choose to book your business trip, your local Resia team is there to help. They want to get to know you and your needs to come up with the best travel proposals based on your travel preferences.

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Sustainable travel

It is undeniable that travel has a detrimental effect on the environment. As your travel agency, however, we have some tips to help you find eco-friendly alternatives, and other ways to reduce the environmental impact of your travel. We also offer you the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint by purchasing biofuel credits for fossil-free flying in the future.

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Smoother travel administration

With Resia as your business travel agency, you could book your whole business trip in one go, and pre-pay hotels, car rentals, taxis, etc. So say goodbye to paying out of pocket, keeping track of receipts and filing expense accounts. All costs are instead posted to the company travel account and debited in accordance with your employer.

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Safety during your business trip

A lot can happen during your travel. Most common is a strike or perhaps a cancelled flight. In this case, it is a relief to receive help—and more often than not, we will contact you with alternatives before you even have time to call us. We also offer all our customers 24-hour service, with immediate help, when your local Resia travel agency is closed for the day.

Safety also means knowing your exact location on a business trip. In the event of a natural disaster or attack, we will work with your employer to quickly locate you and help you get out.

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Consideration for those back home

A family member who travels a lot often means that another family member back home is left with more to do. We would be happy to help you show consideration for them when you are out on a business trip, by regularly organizing "Left Home" activities, enjoyed by everybody, whether at home or on the road.


Om du har bokat två enkelbiljetter innebär detta att om den ena flygningen av någon anledning inte genomförs som planerat, avbokas / ändras inte den andra flygningen med automatik, utan du måste själv boka om biljetten.Om biljetten inte är ombokningsbar är det du som står för kostnaden.