Our services for business travel

We help with all your business travel needs, from specific bookings to reducing your carbon footprint or your travel costs. Read more about our services here.

Perhaps all you need is a train ticket. Perhaps, faced with intricate logistics, you need careful planning. Over and above simply booking, we help our customers with so much more.

Resia Online – simple booking online

Resia Online is a web-based service that gives our business customers the best of both worlds. Book your trip on the Internet, but retain all the advantages of having a business travel agency.

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Securer business travel

For the business traveler, flights, meetings and hotel rooms are also a matter of workplace health and safety. Liability for a company’s personnel extends thereby far beyond the four walls of your operation, out into the world. As a business travel agency, we offer securer travel and immediate help in the unlikely event of an unexpected incident.

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Sustainable travel – climate smart business travel

Travel inescapably leaves a footprint, but with Resia as your business travel agency, you will be able to reduce your impact on the environment and offset the carbon footprint of your travel. Read more about how we will help you travel sustainably.

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24-hour service

As a business traveler with Resia, you can contact our Swedish and English-speaking assistance service around the clock.

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Resia Business Travel Portal

With Resia Business Travel Portal you can easily manage your bookings and profile online, at your convenience. Secure and simple, especially if you are often out and about.

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Travel account

A travel account helps make your administration more effective, while giving you better control over your company’s travel expenditures.

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Personal service

Personal service is an important aspect of what we offer. If you are accustomed to booking your own travel, you might be surprised to notice the difference our travel specialists can in fact make.

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Travel Management

Travel Management is about getting the most out of your travel and meetings.  Resia offers tailored solutions to help you reduce costs, increase effectivity and travel securely.

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Statistics & follow-up

If you want travel smarter tomorrow, the first step is to evaluate how you are traveling today. As our customer, you will receive an annual report of your travel statistics, free of charge.

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Om du har bokat två enkelbiljetter innebär detta att om den ena flygningen av någon anledning inte genomförs som planerat, avbokas / ändras inte den andra flygningen med automatik, utan du måste själv boka om biljetten.Om biljetten inte är ombokningsbar är det du som står för kostnaden.