Travel Management – make the most of your travel and meetings

Travel Management is about getting the most out of your travel and meetings.  Resia offers tailored solutions to help you reduce costs, increase effectivity and travel securely.

Larger businesses often have a designated Travel Manager, but in many cases it is the accounts manager or purchasing manager who manages company travel. The potential to get more return on the investment placed in travel and meetings is, nevertheless, at least as large in these latter cases—which is why we are the business travel agency who can help.

Our Travel Management concept helps you chart your travel process and identify where the greatest savings can be made. A well-reasoned travel process and travel policy will help you optimize the costs of your travel, while creating a better likelihood that your coworkers will get the most out of their travel and meetings.

The Resia Travel Management concept includes:

  • Charting of the entire travel process, from planning and booking to payment and settling of travel invoices.
  • Analysis of the travel process as it looks today.
  • Activity plan with new goals for cost-effective and productive travel.

We also offer consultation in the following areas:

  • Contracts – reviewing the contracts you have and those you still need.
  • Security – reviewing security issues surrounding travel and meetings.
  • Travel policy – drawing up a travel policy tailored to your operations.

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