How we help your Travel Manager help your company

We can help your Travel Manager, that is, the coworker assigned to manage your company travel, save time and reduce travel costs. This is how it works.

Travel expenditures are for many companies one of the expenditure posts that you have most influence over. As Travel Manager for your company travel, it is your job to limit the costs, and thus insure optimal value for the travel and meetings you do invest in. All while being aware of the security and well-being of your coworkers, not to mention the environmental impact of their travel.

You might be a full-time Travel Manager, but for many companies it is the purchasing manager, accounts manager or even HR manager who manages company travel alongside their other responsibilities. That’s where we can help—use us as your external Travel Manager! Having worked for many years with small and medium-sized companies, we know the measures you need to take in order to reduce your travel costs, to travel climate smart and to get the most out of each trip.

Save both time and money with Resia

The first step in reducing your travel costs is to have a good look at how you travel. Afterwards, we will help make effect savings of both time and money.


Better control and follow-up

Tracking your travel
When you come to us as a customer, we compile your travel costs as they appear today. The information you receive will then, for example, help you in budgeting, negotiations with suppliers, follow-up of your travel policy and contracts, and follow-up of the KPI’s and climate goals you have defined. With a correct and accurate basis, it will be easier to make the correct decisions. The process of smarter travel starts here.

Reduced travel costs

Resia is the agency that is best at delivering value for your money, according to an independent study regularly conducted by Resegeometri among Swedish businesses. We can help you reduce your travel costs in the following ways:

  • Review of your travel policies.
  • Review of the contracts you have with flight and hotel suppliers.
  • Access to a DIY booking tool where your coworkers can easily compare prices among various airlines and hotels and choose the most affordable option. You can also implement your travel policy directly in the tool, helping your coworkers to book wisely.
  • Experienced assistance with med cost-effective travel solutions involving complex bookings.

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Reduced travel administration

Travel expenditures consist not only of airline tickets, hotels and other direct costs. We also help you review the cost of your travel administration, which can consume both time and money. With our help, you can save time when booking, rebooking and managing expense accounts and invoices. As each step becomes simpler, the time saved is significant.

  • Booking – You can book simple travel quickly and efficiently through our book yourself tool; for complex travel, we will provide our personal service.
  • Changing a booking – When you book with us, you can make any changes by simply calling or emailing us. Flights can changed by you directly in the book yourself tool.
  • Managing expense accounts – By pre-paying as much of your travel as possible, you save your coworkers having to pay out of pocket and keeping track of receipts. And you won’t have to verify receipts and review expense accounts.
  • Settling invoices – With our travel account you can adjust your invoice to suit your business. Plus, you get a long credit period and a handy travel insurance.

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Secure travel

As employer, your personnel management extends to business travel. When you book a business trip with us, we are held accountable to quickly locate your coworkers and assist them in returning home, in the event of a natural disaster or attack.

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Sustainable business travel – from the traveler’s perspective

Business travel is in some sense a luxury, but it has a definite downside. Long workdays, lack of sleep and hours of waiting can be draining, as can simply being away from home and loved ones. And to keep your coworkers at the top of their game, you will have to look beyond short-term cost reductions. We have helped many businesses with a sustainable travel policy, and our excellent service and skill at providing hassle-free business travel is generally acknowledged. That is a win-win for both Travel Manager and Traveler!


Sustainable travel – with an eye to the environment

It is undeniable that travel has a detrimental effect on the environment, but we can help reduce this as much as we can. We measure and follow up the impact your travel has on the environment, and we can help you define a travel policy that moves you towards sustainable travel, without too much investment of time and money. Our travel specialists are happy to provide tips and advice concerning climate-smart transport options, and you can always offset the carbon footprint of your travel by purchasing biofuel credits for fossil-free flying in the future.

We help to make your travel sustainable through the following:

  • Tracking and continuously following up your carbon footprint.
  • Defining a travel policy to move you towards sustainable travel, without too much investment in time and money.
  • Providing tips and advice for climate-smart transport options.
  • Offering the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint.
  • Offering the opportunity to purchase biofuel credits.

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The business travel agency with the most satisfied customers

Resia has the sector’s most satisfied customers, having been selected as Sweden’s best business travel agency 9 times. That is useful information for a Travel Manager. And good to know that we have been in business for over 40 years, have 450 coworkers, high creditworthiness and are close by, with 32 locations throughout the country.

Are you curious as to how we can help you and your company? We welcome you to contact us at +46 771-91 91 91 or


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