Kick-off & team building - locally or abroad

Motivating coworkers and building a strong team is important, but never very easy. We help you plan and carry out arrangements like kick-offs and other team-building activities so that you get the most out of your investment.

When it comes to kick-offs and team building, the focus must be on finding the right setting and then creating an atmosphere for both associating and socializing together. Shared exceptional experiences and activities are a key element in invigorating the team-spirit of your coworkers and strengthening your operations and brand.

The details make the difference

Team-building activities, interesting presentations and fine meals to gather around are all key elements, but a great kick-off offers so much more. We help you with everything from booking flights, trains, buses and hotels to suggestions for study visits, events, speakers and entertainment. Each detail is important and all the details make the difference—and with us as your partner, you can rest assured that no detail will be overlooked.

Booking a kick-off with Resia is simple

Resia can offer you, our customer, one and the same contact person to assist you through the entire process from idea to completed kick-off (and follow-up, if you wish). This applies regardless of whether you want to experience life on a sheep farm on Gotland, to take in a vineyard in Italy, or to sail in the Croatian islands. Our sales quotes are always free of charge and you decide which parts you need help with. When you let our experienced specialists do the job, you will save both time and money in the end, and often enjoy a better kick-off!

Kick-off with coverage

Not everything goes according to plan, but we can help you quickly adjust. Organizing a kick-off with Resia gives you added security. We have all the authorized guarantees to protect your kick-off investment in the event of a strike or natural disaster. Had you booked the same travel on your own, or through different suppliers, you would not receive the same coverage. Read more here about travel guarantees when you book a kick-off with Resia.

Are you planning a kick-off or some type of team-building activity? Contact us, and we will supply you with tips, advice and a cost-free proposal.

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Om du har bokat två enkelbiljetter innebär detta att om den ena flygningen av någon anledning inte genomförs som planerat, avbokas / ändras inte den andra flygningen med automatik, utan du måste själv boka om biljetten.Om biljetten inte är ombokningsbar är det du som står för kostnaden.