Study travel for knowledge exchange & inspiration

Study travel is a great way to stock up on ideas, knowledge and renewed energy. We help you book travel packages with a focus on study visits and knowledge exchange.

A study visit might be a meeting with a business colleague. Or a lecture by invitation only from an external specialist, as part of a larger conference package. However, in these globalized times, we move in even larger circles and can learn so much more—about the rest of the world! Visit, for example, London Tech City, and see how Europe’s answer to Silicon Valley is expanding in London’s east side. Or see fashion trends in New York or world-famous architecture in Barcelona.

Many of our customers now choose to combine their conference travel with interesting study visits and presentations. Field trips, quite simply. Getting out to pick up the latest skills, trends and emerging ideas that inspire the participants to develop new and unexpected insights and vision. What would you like to learn on your next trip?

Study travel packages for different operations

When planning study travel, we book flights, trains, transfers, hotels, conference venues, dinners and all the extras that make up a successful trip. But we never lose sight of the target, that is, the study visits. We search out interesting speakers and knowledgeable guides, and we book study visits that suit your sector or operations, all to get the biggest benefits. In this process, we work side by side with you, matching your wishes and contacts with our long experience and broad network. Together we can come up with stimulating study travel to take you to the next level.

Simple and secure to book study travel with Resia

There are many things to consider when booking study travel. Therefore, our first concern is that you always have one and the same contact person who understands your special situation whether it concerns a needs analysis and a preliminary quote or a follow-up after a completed trip. This ensures a time-efficient, secure and quality-controlled process, with no detail falling between the cracks.

When you book a study travel package with Resia, you are fully covered in the event of unexpected incidents, such as strikes or natural disasters. A great advantage! Had you booked on your own or through different suppliers, you would not receive the same coverage. Read more here about your travel guarantees when you book study travel with Resia.


Har ni redan en idé om vilken studieresa ni vill göra? Kontakta oss, så hjälper vi er att gå från tanke till handling!

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Om du har bokat två enkelbiljetter innebär detta att om den ena flygningen av någon anledning inte genomförs som planerat, avbokas / ändras inte den andra flygningen med automatik, utan du måste själv boka om biljetten.Om biljetten inte är ombokningsbar är det du som står för kostnaden.